Friday, June 6, 2008

So I found out something interesting yesterday

I was some what bewildered by the link left on Candy's page by her "hubby," declaring an end to welfare. There complaint is that it is false servitude and unconstitutional. Their whole argument is that it is unjust to force people to pay taxes that support other individuals in social programs. Well when I did a little research (and I mean just a little) I found this article about Erik in the Boulder Weekly:
Erik Brauer, (ACP), the District 2 nominee of the American Constitution Party, says socialism is enslaving Americans.
"People have been goaded into believing they're mean and cruel for not supporting government social programs," Brauer comments. "They are presuming to have the authority to force one person to work for another."
Redistribution of wealth is forbidden by the anti-slavery 13th Amendment "because money is nothing more than labor in stored form," Brauer preaches. Taking a person's labor is slavery, he says.
Restoring prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools is one of the goals of the American Constitution Party, but Brauer actually talks more like a Libertarian, calling for an end to the drug war and income taxes.
"I think the two parties ought to be Libertarian and the American Constitution Party," Brauer said. "The War on Drugs is definitely a violation of part of the Declaration of Independence, the part that says we're guaranteed 'life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.' It's ridiculous that anybody wouldn't think it would cause the same problems Prohibition did."
Brauer hasn't filed an income tax return since 1997. "I am a 'Give me liberty or give me death' kind of guy." Although he's raising no campaign funds and spending none of his own money, Brauer says he's running to repeal seat belt, proof of insurance and motorcycle helmet laws.
He also thinks legislators who write and pass unconstitutional laws should be held personally accountable. "In 1983, the Supreme Court said they can't claim good faith and ignorance of the law. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, legally. They can't claim they didn't know it was a violation
So I guess my question would be Why are you complaining about taxes when you don't pay them? Speaking of servitude, why do MY taxes have to go to building YOUR roads Candy? Why do MY taxes have to pay for YOUR police force Candy? Lastly, why do MY taxes have to pay for YOUR naitional security? I think the true gripe should be like the majority of Americans that pay THEIR taxes, and for those that don't really need to zip it. Remeber your quote Candy about rendering under Cesar? Remember that is how a good Christian act, they follow the law? Just another way Candy is being a hypocrite.
Lastly just to prove the ignorance in this argument, you may want to look at the 16th amendment of the constitution which states "The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration." Sounds to me like taxes are pretty constitutional.


joni said...

How does Erik get away without doing the income tax thing?

Trim the rat's nest hair, Candy. Walmart has a hair salon.

I do feel sorry for her children. It sounds like such a sheltered life.

Benjamin said...

I would love to know how he gets away with it. She soooo needs a haircut. Kind of hard to do when your husband is blowing the family money on worthless inventions.

I feel VERY sorry for her children. They are 99% isolated from society. I just hope they aren't the next headline news in 15 years.

joni said...

I read that Erik did work on Memorial Day. My husband is an engineer and this was a paid holiday....Eric's job description has him as a genius but they rent a trailer. She said in her "rant" to SIL....receive different type of health benefits but yet the family does not go to the dentist.

I cant get over the hair.

If I lived like this and had hair like that, I would not have a self esteem.
Waterpark...woot woot. Oh what a day to people watch on this particular day.

I doubt that the children do not get out much. So sad.

candyisascrazyasitgets said...

Let me be the first to welcome you all, and hopefully this will be a lot of fun. I find Candy's blog a joy, and very hilarious. It is even funnier now that I know more about them. Did you know Candy received a degree from a modeling school, and tried her hand at modeling, but gave it up because it wasn't for her? She really didn't, but I thank her for making it up. She desperately needs to get those split ends dealt with. I know she says she "keeps it real" with everything, but her hair she should make an exception. I am sure they get away with the taxes, by the small amount of income per family ratio there is, and thus the IRS is not that intrigued on getting their $1000.00 over the years, but the hypocrisy in crying foul about paying taxes when he doesn't is just blinding

nightowl said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought her hair looked atrocious. Did you see all the comments? I was like, noooo, don't encourage her! Someone please tell her how it really is, the woman needs help!

Walmart has a hair salon.


Mom, Mommy, Mama said...

How do you know that she didn't go to modeling school? I'm just wondering where these facts come from that you post.