Friday, August 22, 2008


The last couple of days have been a bit nerve racking for me. The whole hacking thing is disturbing to me. I am not going to blame anyone, because I have no hard proof evidence. Hacking is 100% illegal. Yes, I could tell you that my father-in-law said, the Police or FBI would be interested in this, but that would be a lie. Why? Because, there are murderers, rapes, abductions, deadly accidents, and numerous other crimes that take precedence and I do not have an ego that would even suggest that either organization would be interested. I have had a law enforcement friend look into it, but there wasn’t anything he could really do. He has his suspicions on what he found, but that is all it is…no hard proof evidence. My husbands laptop is totally messed up, so congratulations for that.

Matthew and I spoke briefly yesterday, and I told him that I no longer have the desire to be a moderator on the site and the events that have occurred. Vera doesn’t have the time. I asked Matthew when he would be back and he said, things have gotten so bad that he might have to move. I think the site has lost what he originally brought to the table. He was witty and held Candy and everyone else accountable. So, with that said…

The time has come to pass the torch to a new blog and moderator. I am putting the link at the top of this blog and the bottom of this thread. We will leave this blog up for people to refer back to, if needed. We have enjoyed having this site and interacting with 90% of you. Keep holding Candy accountable. I still plan to visit the new site and comment. Matthew said, he will take the time on a Sunday and make at least one comment. I am sure Vera will continue to comment.

Please be kind to the new Moderators. They are taking their time to continue this. If they want to remain anonymous, as we did, please respect that. No one knows what Candy is really capable of doing and none of us want a close-up of our house on her next blog. Please do not come up with conspiracies, because there are none. I am telling you 100% the truth. So, with lots of sadness, I say farewell as a Moderators.

Matthew, Vera and Bru

Thursday, August 21, 2008

An annoucement will be coming soon regarding the events of yesterday

I am working out the details now and will get back with you all in the next couple of days. I am starting this new thread for new comments, so no one has to scroll. Don't ask me, because I will not be posting on here until then.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008

This is for Clare so she doesn't have to scroll

All, I do not know how to make myself more clear, but I am not angry or any of the other things you have mentioned. I stated everything I had to say and I will not rehash it. Angie, none of the moderators are po'd at anyone on here. I am not getting on here very often, so I will post a new one when I have the chance.


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

On My Last Damn Nerve

Talk about beating some poor dead horse.

Did this blog actually go on for like 200 comments on that poor women's dress size. Seriously.

We all know she is pathological. Why were we debating something sooo freaking long that really held no freaking merit anyway. So who hasn't shaved a few pounds off on their drivers license? She's a four, no she's a 12. Who the hell cares?

I think it has been said here, like I don't know, 50 times??? We don't care about her domestic skills. Just her lies. Frankly, I think I put her to shame. I could make Martha Stewart look lazy. You want domestic tips ladies ask Vera. You want tips on how to keep your man ("MAN" not hubby, cause that's just freakin stupid.) Ask Vera. And I'll put it to you straight.

On to a real comment about Candy. We don't care if she worshiped pigs on her front lawn, but don't damn the rest of the us to hell in the process. Accept the fact that you might not know everything. Accept the fact that just because the book you chose to read TODAY isn't the one sure source of knowledge in the universe. For example our latest read on how we got the bible. Are you really that blind? I think we all know the answer to that. She custom made those blinders herself with a direct order from her God, (not our God, cause I bow to a loving, all accepting one.)

But hey sometimes life is easier with blinders on. And Vera doesn't blame her that. Vera actually found the whole Candy site humorous. Found it entertaining. Found her a wee bit full of herself, condescending and arrogant, but funny as hell to watch. It was my favorite internet show.

Then I had a friend start this one. And now the reruns her are starting to kill me.

Have a nice day!

Once the comments get to around 300, I will put a new quick post up for easier commenting.